Joe Sepi

Joe Sepi

Lead Developer Evangelist with StrongLoop/IBM who is passionate about advancing the web forward through open source technologies and open communities.



Coming at the web development world from a design/front end angle, I’ve always been a little intimidated by the backend, especially compiled languages like Java. I’ve been guilty of “throwing it over the fence” when it comes to the separation of front end and back end. However, with the awesomeness of Node.js, that fence has become much easier to see over. And now that I am familiar with the open source tool, LoopBack, I feel like I’m a Node.js API pro … AND YOU CAN TOO! I literally want to API ALL THE THINGS!

In this talk, we’ll look at the “what” and “why” of APIs and then we’ll get our hands dirty with some “how.” You can code along with the “how” or just follow along. Trust me: it’s easy and fun! Prereqs for coding along:
- Node.js
- npm install -g strongloop

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