Nitya Narasimhan

Nitya Narasimhan


Nitya Narasimhan is a PhD, innovator and engineer with 20+ years of research & development experience spanning academia, industry, startups and community. She builds pragmatic software solutions for local businesses and early-stage startups, advises senior design students on IoT-focused projects at SUNY, organizes Google Developer Group chapters in NYC and Hudson Valley, and runs the annual DevFestNYC developer conference.

She is a frequent public speaker & educator with interests spanning mobile web development, serverless computing, machine learning, conversational UI/UX, robotics and STEM. You can follow her journey at


Web Components: From 'Why Not?' to 'Why Now!'


5th Floor Music Box & Winter Garden

Web Components refer to a set of "standardized" platform APIs that allow web developers to extend HTML with "custom elements" that define new behaviors, encapsulate style, and promote frictionless usage within web sites and apps. But while the standards have existed for years, their implementation by browser vendors has been uneven, making adoption a matter of debate for developers. 2018 might well be the year where browser vendor compliance, coupled with broader frameworks support, makes web components a must-have utility for your web development toolbelt. In the first half of the talk, we'll look at the core APIs that make up the Web Component standards and explore support for their usage in popular front-end frameworks including React, Angular and Vue. In the second half of the talk we'll build our first custom element using the Polymer library, then deconstruct a fairly complex application to understand how this technology can lead to more maintainable, understandable and efficient apps.

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