Nir Kaufman

Nir Kaufman


Principal Frontend Consultant at 500Tech

Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Angular, worldwide conference speaker, workshop mentor, and tech community leader. The author of two books about Angular and the founder of the "Frontend Band”


Workshop: Advanced State Management in Angular with NgRx

9:00-5:00pm on 6/14

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Take your skills behind the basics with this architecture & design oriented workshop. You will learn advanced real-world patterns and techniques for state management In Angular with NGRX, base on real-world challenges.

Topics that we will cover include:
  • How to design a message based system
  • Design a complexed flow using message design patterns
  • Angular modules - behind the basics
  • Manage complexed state using @ngrx/store
  • Taking advantage of feature modules in Angular
  • Keeping the state normalized with entities
  • Manage side effects the right way
  • Manage the router via ngrx

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