Colin Bendell

Colin Bendell

The best technology leaders understand the inner workings of technology to inform long term strategy. Colin is no stranger to coding and refactors regular expressions while imagining three impossible things all before breakfast. He also starts at least 5 sentences a day with the phrase 'What if...'. This low level understanding also allows him to understand the big picture and create long term strategies and vision that are innovative yet pragmatic and attainable.


Workshop: Automating Browser testing with ES6 Promises, WebDriver and the WebPlatformTest harness

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In this training we will put all the pieces you need to adopt browser based testing without the complexity. For you: build more resilient front end apps. For your boss: lower the barrier for test writing and get "support" to write browser tests as bug reports.

Client side testing is mostly a known science, but it is not always easy, boring to build and often very fragile. The challenge is to lower the barrier-to-entry so that anyone can create tests, scale and resilience. We will cover the basics of browser based testing, webdriver standards and infrastructure advances. Different testing paradigms for client side testing with BDD models like mocha to WebPlatformTests from the W3C. Finally the CI automation and scaling with CI pipelines.

This workshop covers:

    Chapter 1: Client Side testing

  • Introduction to client side testing
  • Browser variants, JS engines, performance and functional testing metrics
  • Synthetic v. Real testing
  • NavTiming, ResourceTiming and ServerTiming apis

    Chapter 2: Test frameworks & automation

  • WebDriver and Solenium test grids
  • Test frameworks with Mocha, chai and WPT
  • Scaling tests with ES6 promises, parallelization

    Chapter 3: operationalizing client side

  • GIT & CI pipeline wiring (jenkins, travis)
  • Testing in production with Real-User-Testing
  • Common error handling and polling


  • Comfortable with JS/CSS/HTML
  • Basic knowledge of ES6 and Node
  • Basic knowledge of browser rendering engines

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